Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Too impatient

I'm too impatient to wait for the final reveal. It is probably going to be a while before I can complete my final paint touch ups (that's my job, not the contractors'), so I have decided to post photos of the not-quite-finished product. Besides, I'm having second thoughts about a few of my accessories and I could use some feedback on that.

Photos as of 10 minutes ago are below (first the overall effect, then some details, including the new tile baseboard).

I bought towels in two colors, this pale grayish blue and a darker blue (What you see hanging is actually the bath mat). I'm having double thoughts about the towel colors now that I see them here. I think I would prefer towels that are more turquoise, like the trash can shown in the second photo. Any thoughts?

Right now the art is propped up on the towel bar and not hanging on the wall. That's because I don't like the frame it is in. It adds one too many silver/gray to the room. That's an easy fix though:


wig3000 said...

Looks lovely! I accidentally left comments regarding these photos in your previous post.

Pieceful Jane said...

I agree about the turquoise. It pops alot better than the grey/blue and adds some excitement to the room. The greyer blue gives a more monotone look.

Kathleen said...

What a relief it must be to have a functional bathroo again! It's looking great! I like the tile baseboards, that's a nice finishing detail. And the niches are great. WHat does your light fixture/mirror look like? What color are you thinking of changing the frame to? I don't know why, but i had this idea in my head that the walls were going to be a soft grey/blue. But i must be thinking of the towels. I am thinking you picked white walls because there are no windows and to keep it bright, right? It's a nice clean look. But, i can see how a few more splashes of turquoise accents would add a nice touch. Ok, lots of questions...

Anyway, what a nice transformation!

J-fer Rose said...


I was planning on painting the ceiling a pale sky blue. I bought some paint for that purpose, but when I painted a patch on the ceiling it was far too dark. I didn't want to ceiling to feel any lower than it is. I may still paint a blue ceiling, but I will need to find a far paler color.