Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Looking good

I'm still out of town but my boyfriend was nice enough to stop by and take photos of the recent progress on my project. They look great and I can't wait to see everything in person.

The shower tile:

The floor:

The knee wall in the kitchen. I talked to the contractor about the finishing they added that had not been what we discussed. They redid the finish and this is more in line with my tastes:



Moxie P. said...

Yeah! Can't wait to come back and see it in person myself!

wig3000 said...

Your floor tile looks so good!

Are you installing a tile baseboard too?

J-fer Rose said...

I bought tile baseboard, but my contractor advised me not to use it-- he said it would look more modern without it. (My architect boyfriend prefers that baseboards match the walls rather than the floor, so I had purchased white porcelain tile baseboards instead of the more typical baseboard to match the floor tile.) The workers aren't completely done yet, but I think it looks so-so right now. I'm going to live with it for a bit and see how I feel about it. I'm thinking that if I don't like it I might install some modern looking wood baseboard instead.

wig3000 said...

Thanks, j-fer rose! We were planning on going without baseboard tiles for a more modern look as well, but our tiler is discouraging it for drywall longevity reasons. Baseboards that are the same color as the walls might be a nice and practical detail.

I'm looking forward to your big reveal!

Oh, one other question: What sort of bathroom fan/light fixture did you go with? An attractive and functional bathroom fan (in our case, with light fixture) can be hard to find! The Broan Model 744 might be the one we choose.

J-fer Rose said...

You know, I didn't put in a bathroom fan. I have intake and outtake vents on the ceiling, but I didn't add a fan. I just don't like them very much-- I find them to be loud and unpleasant. As far as the light fixture, I kept the old one for now. I feel that a light fixture is something I can replace easily in the future. I just didn't feel like spending extra money on that right now (when the lights are on I never "see" the fixture anyway, because the lights are too bright).