Friday, May 9, 2008

Day 4

Here is the most recent progress.

The shower nooks are taking shape. They look great. I am concerned that the bottoms should have a slight slope so that they will drain, so that is a question for the contractor this morning:

The knee wall in the kitchen is being finished. They aren't finishing it the way we discussed, which was with a narrow ledge of leftover counter from another project my contractor worked on. I don't love the aesthetics of the way it is being finished. So that's another thing I could talk to the contractor about. But I'm not sure I should worry about it since I do hope to get new kitchen cabinets and counters in the next year or so, and plan to install new the countertop on the kneewall at that time. So in my mind this is (and always was going to be) a temporary finish and I wish they hadn't spent so much time on it. They did a nice job, it's just not my style:

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