Sunday, September 30, 2007

Week 3 Done List

  • Vacuumed, dusted, and mopped.
  • Cleaned my entrance (although there still is more to do here)
  • Started thinking about how to accomplish my needed repairs (and made one of them, too!)

  • Decluttered my entrance (again, still a little to do here) but I did get rid of the old mattress that has been cluttering my entrance for over a month!
  • Ordered a landing strip (due to be delivered tomorrow!)
  • Decided not to renew my magazine subscriptions (the internet is a suitable substitute)

  • Thought about cool and warm rooms
  • Thought about the 80/20 rule (will post more on this later)

  • Uh oh, nothing to put here this week. I was out of town on business this week, so no home cooked meals or housewarming invitations yet. But given that I was in another state for much of the week, I feel great about what I have accomplished.

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