Friday, October 19, 2007

Working through frustration

I've worked every evening this week as I really want to get rid of my hall bookshelf. I found myself very frustrated because no solution seemed to be the right one, and so many solutions are necessary (need a way to store cds, need a way to store a bunch of assorted crap, such as my owners manuals, maps, etc, need a way to store my recipes, and even need to figure out a way to store my pencils!) I started feeling disheartened. But I didn't let that happen for long, I took action. I took everything off the bookshelf and just put it somewhere, even on a temporary basis. Now I have an empty bookshelf that I plan to list on Craiglist this weekend. I know I'll find storage solutions.

Some items on my done list from this week:
Started emptying outbox
Hung hooks in my closet for purses (unfortunately hung them too low, will fix that soon)
Emptied hall bookshelf
Hung Cork inside my kitchen cabinet door to serve as a hidden bulletin board
Cleaned/sorted through my office supplies and media
Put my recipes into plastic sleeves that will be inserted into a binder when I find one that I like (anyone know of any pretty binders???)

1 comment:

drwende said...

Good for you with the bookshelf!

It's amazing what you can work out once you insist that there really is a solution.