Sunday, October 21, 2007

More Progress!

Some images showing progress this week! The first photo might not look like much, but look, there's nothing there where a bookcase used to be. I sold the bookcase on Craigslist today. I still need to figure out the best way to store my cds and a few other items. I ordered a fancy Russel and Hazel binder for storing my recipes and takeout menus.

The second photo shows my new bulletin board. It's on the inside of my kitchen cabinet door, and I'm loving it.

Other progress this week:
Really thoroughly cleaned the entire apartment (including floors)
Bought nice new bathroom soap (Olive soap!)
Emptied portions of outbox
Listed 3 items on Craigslist, so far 1 item has sold
Continued sorting through all my cupboards/closets, weeding out unnecessary possessions
Started applying spackle on areas of the hallway that I will be repainting
My boyfriend got in on the action: he removed all my vents and grates. He's taking them to his house and hopes to strip the messy old paint from them. (He's really tall and apparently they have always driven him nuts. I'm a lot shorter, so I never really noticed what a mess they are.)

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