Monday, October 15, 2007

An evening's worth of progress

I'm a little behind due to several intensely busy weeks. I am determined to catch up and so I got a good bit accomplished this evening.

Tonight I went through much of what I have stored on my living room bookshelf and I moved a lot to my outbox. I also went through my hall bookshelf (shown in the photo to the left) and weeded out detritus. All that stuff surrounding the bookcase? That's my outbox, all of it.

I REALLY want to get rid of this bookshelf completely and am trying to figure out how to do so as part of this process. The problem is figuring how to store this stuff or having a willingness to just get rid of it. I plan to find a more compact way to store cd's but am looking for ideas to do so attractively. Anyone, anyone?

This weekend I did make some good progress despite a houseguest that kept me busy much of the time. I have a degree in Landscape Architecture and this weekend I photographed all of my now-very-old work from my graduate program. Then I crumpled up the originals and recycled them. It was hard to get rid of the originals, but I really will never use them again, even for a portfolio. Plus I took photos, so in a way they are still with me...

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