Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Beginning the Spring 2008 Cure

Example of damaged tile in my bathroom

Existing storage in the bathroom

I accomplished a lot during the Fall 2007 Cure, but feel that there is a lot more to be accomplished in my little apartment. During the next eight weeks, I hope to complete a one-room remedy for my bathroom. I tend to be an overly ambitious person, so I also hope to accomplish some deep treatment throughout the rest of my apartment. I know I won't get to all of my goals during this Cure, but I'm going to list them anyway:
  • Remodel the bathroom (which I have been putting off, and saving money for, for years). This includes:
    • New tile (floor and ceiling, something simple so I can redecorate anytime with accessories)
    • New vanity/sink
    • New toilet
    • Reglaze the existing bathtub
    • Additional/More useful storage
  • Bring order to the entry closet
  • Find new solution for upper shelf storage in clothes closet (current sweater boxes are breaking beyond repair)
  • Replace doorknobs throughout the apartment
  • Fix water-damaged wall on bay window
  • Think about new art behind sofa
  • Frame artwork from my sister (currently in an old picture frame on top of a cheap poster)
  • Quick bit of editing in the kitchen (it's close already)
  • Make murphy bed cabinet less busy (my constant struggle)
The Wish List that is REALLY Stretching it:
  • Remove ugly divider next to stove and replace it with ???
  • Refinish legs on chair and loveseat (will get to this, but probably not in the next eight weeks)
  • New kitchen cabinets, counters, and floor
  • Replace floor lamps
  • Window coverings?
I'll be adding new goals as I start this process. Here goes...


Melissa A. said...

That's a lot. Good luck with it all!

Alana in Canada said...

That is ambitious. Focus on the tasks for the bathroom--somehow bathrooms can just drag on and on--and take it from one who knows:you don't want that. No how, no way!