Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Bathroom Remodel: Speed Bump

Well, I ordered a new toilet! The Toto Aquia, a dual flush model. It was very exciting, I felt an incredible sense of accomplishment, and I even felt that I had gotten a great deal.

And then...

I got an e-mail from the company. Turns out the toilet is not in stock. They estimated a 25 week lead time. 25 weeks! That's nearly 6 months. Needless to say I canceled my order. I hope to find another company that has it in stock. If not, I'll order another model/brand.


Anonymous said...

Why not checkout the Caroma dual flush toilet from Australia. Caroma is the innovators of the Dual Flush and make about 20 models all available in the US NOW.

Anonymous said...

You don't need dual flush if you go with a Pressure Assist unit from any of the major toilet makers. Everything gets flushed with about a gallon of water, and you don't have to guess which button to push!

Anonymous said...


First off I will say I am one of the Regional Sales Manager's for Caroma. My name is Kurt Bramstedt.

I have sold for Caroma for close to a year. I used to sell units with the 1 gallon pressure assist. My advice is to saty away from them. Many of the companies that used them in large numbers have quit using them as the flush performance varies as the water pressure does. They are also much louder than a Caroma dual flush.

When choosing a water conserving toilet or dual flush toilet, choose one from the company that created dual flush toilets, Caroma. Only Caroma tests their dual flush toilets on the half flush as well as the full flush. Only Caroma has a trapway that will flush a baseball down the drain. Also, Caroma makes more water conserving toilets than any other manufacturer.

I can be reached at kbramstedt@caromaausa.com

J-fer Rose said...

Unfortunately, the Caroma is just a little too far outside my price range. I've been to Australia, so I know for a fact that I like the Caroma toilets. But I was finding better deals on the Toto.